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Re: i mean..we are using an illegal hacker operation system

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, [utf-8] eowin@libero.it wrote:

> i don't know if this is old..
> but simply i haven't words..........
> http://home.dal.net/shrub/Adequacy_org%20%20Is%20Your%20Son%20a%
> 20Computer%20Hacker.htm
Thanks for the links.  Obviousely the man is completely ignorant
and misleaded.  But that's no real problem in my opinion.  The problem
are the many many answers which let him think:  Yes - those hackers
are evil.  They even want me to kill myself.  It's a bit lack of
discussion culture and this is the problem.

You have no chance to explain such a man in quiet words and place
a link to Debian Junior or something else because so many people
wasted their and his time by throwing mud on him.  An ignorant man
like he would not be able to select mud from facts.  But imagine
an uneducated reader which is reading the thread.  He will get the
impression the author of the text would like to induce.

We have to work on the discussion culture.

But I'm afraid those mud throwers are those well educated children of
careful fathers who are not allowed to say any harsh word at home.  Thus
they have to find a way in the internet using such technical vehicles
like Intel/MS/AOL while not allowed to use AMD / Xiluz (or how this evil
hacker - system is spelled) / any other provider.

Kind regards


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