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Re: Another easter egg in gnome-something...

Quoth Neal H Walfield <neal@cs.uml.edu> 2001-09-12 18:19:30:

>> It looks like we're getting confused between the UK billion and the American billion.  (Apologies to all other countries who 
>use one or the other.)
>> American (including Unix) = 10^9
>> British = 10^12
>What the heck do the British call 10^9?

A milliard, IIRC.  (Or perhaps that's a thousandth
of a skinhead.)  Unfortunately, the UK meeja have
now polluted the English language so thoroughly
that most Brits think a billion is 10^9, and that
"hacker" == "vermin" -- but that's a rant for another

>      And further more, is 10^15 a
>trillion (in the British system)?

Nope, a real trillion is 10^18.  Not sure what 10^15 is, as
I'm away from my dictionaries .... Any more literate Brits
out there?

Dr M J Carter
Physics and Astronomy
University of Nottingham
E-mail: Martin.J.Carter@nottingham.ac.uk

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