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Re: Another easter egg in gnome-something...

At 07:19 PM 09-12-2001 +0200, Neal H Walfield wrote:
> It looks like we're getting confused between the UK billion and the American billion. (Apologies to all other countries who use one or the other.)
> American (including Unix) = 10^9
> British = 10^12

What the heck do the British call 10^9?  And further more, is 10^15 a
trillion (in the British system)?

I'm not British, but I believe the system is:

                American        British
1000            Thousand        Thousand
10^6            Million         Million
10^9            Billion         Thousand Million (or a Milliard)
10^12   Trillion                Billion
10^15   Quadrillion     Thousand Billion
10^18   Quintillion     Trillion
10^21   Sextillion      Thousand Trillion
10^24   Septillion      Quadrillion

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