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Re: I was wrong! (FW: RE: A request)

On Sun, Apr 22, 2001 at 03:52:14PM -0300, Carlos Laviola spake thusly:
> What ever.
>  I have already turned over the issue to those that will get it solved. I am
> personally one of the top Network Engineers in the country, and I know
> exactly how to read a header, tcp/ip packet, even machine language, binary,
> hexadecimal, or just about ay other computer related language, protocol,
> etc..., if I had to. I have no need to read any book by anyone, as I design
> and implement Operating Systems and design chipsets to work with processors,
> among other things.

You can read hexadecimal?????? Wow!!!  Well 0x53 0x63 0x72 0x65 0x77 0x20
0x59 0x6f 0x75 0x21

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