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RE: A request

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Who cares, he has warned us, we and our company are being reported by
industrial sabotage. yes us. :-( where's our CEO when we need him?!

On 20-Apr-2001 S.J. Black wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm on a mailing list on which was aired your vehemnt threat against
> spammers. One has to subscribe to the mailing list, and yet you claim
> this list has been spamming you. The punchline for all of us is that you
> have spammed our list.
> It hasn't occurred to you that the .org extension might indicate it's
> not a company. It also hasn't occurred to you that you may be
> "hollering" against people with whom you have no valid complaint. 
> I notice your run a business of a technical nature: why then must you
> reconfigure your firewalls and e-mail servers when you're "hit"? I would
> guess that such an accomplished technical person as yourself would hve
> no trouble setting up spam filters and creating very tight rules on your
> firewalls.
> I'd be pleased to help you with this aspect of your business.
> I'd also recommend highly that you cease contact with Debian altogether.
> We'll all be much happier without inane threats. Certainly any bit of
> extra bandwidth that can be saved
> by you not contacting the listmaster will, I'm sure, be appreciated.
> Debian runs several 
> popular and high-traffic mailing lists. Spam is, last time I heard
> (about 2 months ago), not one of the more appreciated forms of
> communication on these lists. 
> Please consider this a professional request.
> S.J. Black

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