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Re: Women in Debian

At heart, I must be a comic.
Why else have an AOL account on a debian mailing list?
Hi! My name is Josh.

So, to the topic...

Perhaps the next release can be called something other than
"woody", a word which has some masculine overtones.

I won't mention the obvious association between
XR11 and whatever other X might exist that
is related to graphics and the net, since this
isn't an X list.

Some of the programmers working on debian are
undoubtedly great. Some of their work might someday
be regarded as the most inspired efforts of this

When Sandra Day O'Connor graduated near the top of her
Stanford Law class in 1952 the only job she could get
was legal secretary. "Too much testosterone," to
paraphrase the general consensus, why women wouldn't 
succeed in the courtroom, at the time. I wonder if any 
young women hear similar things from the relatively 
modern community here. In fact, as this thread has 
shown, they do.

Doesn't that suck a**?

Do you believe there is any guarantee that the
world's smartest person is a male?


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