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Re: women in debian

> Gee, from what you said it seems like Debian is a jungle... ;> I don't feel
> there's anything primordial, violent or competitive in uploading packages
> and fixing bugs, or whatever I do/did in Debian. Praise from users does
> cause head inflation, though ;) but what's so male about that? ;)

my experience in the CS world is that women find hacking on minutiae because it
is fun quite boring actually.  Most of them are more of the "does it work, good
enough".  As I said, this is from my own college and work experience.  Men in
computers seem willing to devote hours to trivial matters or work hard and long
while many bitch and complain.  Few women in computers I have met cared.

Open Source is for many people about ego.  "Look at what I did", or "I could
write that better than they did".  This is a very male tendency.

> Anyway, Debian's quite a phenomenon, I doubt that anything historically
> described as inherently male or inherently female has to be valid in our
> community.

agreed, I hope to see more women, more groups from around the world.  I enjoy
being proved wrong as much as I enjoy being right.

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