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lawyer! lawyer! where's the lawyers?!

when things got complicated, we need law;
when law got complicated, we need lawyers and judges and justice;
and the fun begins,
'cause we will have, then, boycotts and revolutions,
that is fork and flamewar in unix words;
and we'll be a cyber nation!
a real nation!

and we vote!
vote {
 subj = shift;
 # yeah, the data structure is not perfect, :(
 data = Debian::Lists::DebianDevel::post subj;	# not as simple as it looks
 meta = DM::parse data; 		      	# deep magic;
 # hmm, maybe use scheme better?
 # and, should i add a quit-test? that will be theoretically correct then..
 vote meta;

my smile is upright! ^_^ ;)

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