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Re: OT: Re: Sponsor's responsibilities

I've always been a fan of "Dweebian"--the alpha-geeks who rock at debian.  You
can even shorten it to just "dweeb"

Yeah, last week I converted my server to a dweeb.

So, how long have I been in the New-Maintainer list to become a dweebian

I don't have the right apt sources to get that package in a dweeb format.


Seth Cohn wrote:

> Steve Bowman trying to find a good word to compliment debian-mentors:
> > Taking these items together, how about making up a really new word that
> > is really Debianspeak?  You could have debee and deber :-)  OTOH, the
> > best _word_ I've seen so far (that is, one that can be found in an
> > (English) dictionary) is protege.  Sponsee isn't bad.  Or you could
> > have mentor and mented :) (say it a few times, mented, mented, mented,
> > demented).
> Oh... so close and you just missed it....
> debmented.
> Usage examples:
> The debmentor leads the debmented.
> He liked Debian so much, he put in lots of time and energy, and became
> debmented.
> The flame wars on Debian lists are worst when they happen between the
> long standing debmented ones.
> He was such a good leader, we call him Dr. Debmento.
> Debmentos freshness!  Apt-get full of life!
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