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Re: OT: Re: Sponsor's responsibilities

Steve Bowman trying to find a good word to compliment debian-mentors:

> Taking these items together, how about making up a really new word that
> is really Debianspeak?  You could have debee and deber :-)  OTOH, the
> best _word_ I've seen so far (that is, one that can be found in an
> (English) dictionary) is protege.  Sponsee isn't bad.  Or you could
> have mentor and mented :) (say it a few times, mented, mented, mented,
> demented). 

Oh... so close and you just missed it....


Usage examples:

The debmentor leads the debmented.

He liked Debian so much, he put in lots of time and energy, and became

The flame wars on Debian lists are worst when they happen between the
long standing debmented ones.

He was such a good leader, we call him Dr. Debmento.

Debmentos freshness!  Apt-get full of life!

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