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Re: standards-numbers : UPC ; ISBN ; ISSN ; SAN ; ????

On Sun, 3 Sep 2000, Sean Champ wrote:
> was looking for some info, and this address was closer than what might ( or
> might not ) be found after a tangential web-dig.  

Curiosa is more for interesting or odd stuff about Debian.

> was wondering if anyone has any ( { exprience with } | { info about } )
> algorithms used on UPCs, ISBNs, SANs, etc. 
>     especially =>  what algorithms do they use for ISBNs, UPCs, and SANs?
>     ( and what other numbering-authorities are there, for such as this ?)

With all of the recent activity over cuecat, I suggest you try asking
on http://uscan.sourceforge.net, since they're working with all of those
and more... the forum section is active.


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