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Re: tech-ctte: More specific advice regarding merged-/usr and implications of #978636

Hi Luca,

Quoting Luca Boccassi (2022-07-25 15:22:10)
> usrmerge has migrated to testing, and the deboostrap MR has been merged and
> just uploaded to unstable. Do you want to do the equivalent upload for
> mmdebstrap now, so that it's ready as well?

thank you for the heads-up!

Yes, the mmdebstrap upload will not be optional because the upload of
debootstrap 1.0.127 breaks the mmdebstrap autopkgtest and to make sure that
debootstrap migrates, I'll have to do an mmdebstrap upload adapting its
autopkgtest to the new debootstrap behaviour.

> Once debootstrap 1.0.127 has migrated to testing we can arrange an upload to
> bullseye-backports, and then ensure all the buildds are using that new
> version. Then i-s-h can be updated.

At the point that i-s-h is uploaded, I'll have to do yet another mmdebstrap
upload because that again will break the expectations I encoded in mmdebstrap's
autopkgtests. I am running the mmdebstrap autopkgtest daily on jenkins so I'll
definitely get notified once the i-s-h upload breaks the autopkgtest once
again. :)


cheers, josch

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