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Bug#1003653: Revision of removal of rename.ul from package util-linux

* Matthew Vernon <matthew@debian.org> [220409 16:12]:
> On 09/04/2022 14:59, Chris Hofstaedtler wrote:
> > I know we all want this TC issue to be resolved. But I do not want
> > to end up shipping rename.ul indefinitely.
> I'm still not sure what harm occurs from doing so?

I gave some technical reasons why I do not want to, upthread.
I would also request that my decision is respected - regardless if I
give technical or social reasons for it, or not. Maintainers have
ideas and/or plans how the packages they maintain should look like,
and which functions they should provide. Unless the TC wants to rule
on a maintainer override, this should be enough.

To add a social reason: if rename from src:util-linux is again
shipped under a name other than "rename", I am very sure people will
(re-)open bugs about "missing" update-alternatives setup to switch
incompatible "rename" interfaces. And probably complain again on
mailing lists and/or in LWN comments if such a bug gets closed.

I'll spare you my ideas on what this does to the motivation of
individual maintainers.

I do not see what bringing back "rename.ul" at this point helps
anyone. The compatibility ship has sailed. Companies and
institutions relying on "rename.ul" in future distribution versions
certainly have the resources of building their own
"just-rename.ul-from-util-linux.deb" which can work across Debian
(and derivatives) versions.
I'm up for making changes towards a simpler future.


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