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Bug#1003653: Revision of removal of rename.ul from package util-linux


On 09/04/2022 14:59, Chris Hofstaedtler wrote:

I was not planning on doing that: stable already does not have

People were asking for it to be restored before the stable release, though, I think? #966468 was opened against version 2.36-1 back in July 2020.

Given rename.ul is not in stable (bullseye), I do not think we
should do this. From a compatibility point of view, we do not win
anything.  At this point, we are more talking about shipping a new
program in a new place, than continuing to ship an existing program.

I disagree; we have historically shipped rename.ul, we didn't in stable (against the wishes of at least some of our users), but I don't think that means that restoring it again would be "shipping a new program in a new place" in a meaningful sense.

If we were talking about all of this before the stable release, I
would be a lot more open about other options. But by now almost two
years have passed since the change, and bullseye is out for ~ 9

Issues are slow to get to the TC, and the TC is often slow to resolve them; I think "escalate to the TC rapidly or the status quo ante will prevail" is not a line I want to encourage.

I know we all want this TC issue to be resolved. But I do not want
to end up shipping rename.ul indefinitely.

I'm still not sure what harm occurs from doing so?



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