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Bug#994388: dpkg currently warning about merged-usr systems

On March 15, 2022 11:38:44 PM PDT, Sean Whitton <spwhitton@spwhitton.name> wrote:
>Hello Josh,
>On Tue 15 Mar 2022 at 03:14pm -07, Josh Triplett wrote:
>> It would appear that the situation has deteriorated further. dpkg 1.21.2
>> now issues a warning on all merged-usr systems:
>> Setting up dpkg (1.21.2) ...
>> dpkg: warning: System unsupported due to merged-usr-via-aliased-dirs.
>> dpkg: warning: See <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/FAQ#broken-usrmerge>.
>Does this happen just when configuring dpkg.deb here, or does the
>warning get issued at other times, have you seen?

Just dpkg. It's mentioned in the changelog.

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