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Bug#994388: dpkg currently warning about merged-usr systems

It would appear that the situation has deteriorated further. dpkg 1.21.2
now issues a warning on all merged-usr systems:

Setting up dpkg (1.21.2) ...
dpkg: warning: System unsupported due to merged-usr-via-aliased-dirs.
dpkg: warning: See <https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/Dpkg/FAQ#broken-usrmerge>.

This escalation seems in direct contradiction to the tech-ctte decision
in 994388. Moreover, this seems to effectively use package maintainer
scripts as a means of directing a complaint at Debian users that has not
gotten traction in other forums, and then directing such users at a wiki
page that contradicts a prior project decision.

This does not even seem to be calling for help in any meaningful way.
For instance, soliciting help updating dpkg to handle such
configurations might have been more productive; that still wouldn't be
appropriate in a maintainer script, but it might have been productive in
a mail to -devel. But this isn't soliciting help, it's just incorrectly
declaring the user's system broken.

This seems counterproductive and harmful.

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