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Bug#975075: Closing as this has been resolved without the TC needing to intervene


It's been a while since this bug was dealt with and I was tasked with closing
it, I'm sorry that it took so long to write this reply.

The technical committee declines to overrule the NetworkManager and udisks2
maintainer on this matter.

Instead, by working together with the maintainer of the affected packages, we managed to achieve a compromise solution: the dependency on libpam-systemd was lowered to a recommends so that it's still possible to install the package without it, while a separate package was introduced to carry the removed init

This compromise solution allows users of other init systems to still use
network-manager and udisks2, without imposing additional work on the maintainer
to support those other systems.

As has been mentioned in the bug, this compromise was achieved through private discussions between the technical committee and the maintainer. We recognize
that these kind of private discussions are not ideal and can lead to
frustration on the side of those that just hear about the results of the
discussions without being able to participate in them. On the other hand, we also recognize that some maintainers have been burned out by some particularly
contentious issues, and would rather not discuss them publicly.

In the general case, the Technical Committee urges users and maintainers to
communicate openly and try to find compromise solutions like this one.

Marga on behalf of the Technical Committee

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