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Bug#978636: move to merged-usr-only?

Dear Technical Committee members,

I call for votes on the following ballot to resolve #978636.  The voting
period starts immediately and lasts for up to one week, or until the
outcome is no longer in doubt (§6.3.1).

The Technical Committee resolves that Debian 'bookworm' should support
only the merged-usr root filesystem layout, dropping support for the
non-merged-usr layout.

Until after the release of 'bullseye', any implementation of this
resolution must be done in the 'experimental' distribution, or otherwise
kept out of the critical paths for the release of 'bullseye'.

We do not recommend any particular implementation of the migration.

Y: Yes, support only merged-usr in the 'bookworm' release.
N: No, continue to support both layouts in 'bookworm'.
F: Further Discussion

Sean Whitton

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