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Bug#975075: tech-ctte: non-systemd dependencies in non-NM packages

>>>>> "Russ" == Russ Allbery <rra@debian.org> writes:

    >> I have not come to the TC to ask them to overrule the maintainer
    >> frivolously nor before exploring as many other options as I
    >> could.

    Russ> I understand (oh, boy, do I ever) how strained relationships
    Russ> are after the long-running init system battles, but it's very
    Russ> hard to resolve problems without the TC when one of the
    Russ> parties is unwilling to communicate.  There have been a lot of
    Russ> other hostile and aggressive threads about init system issues,
    Russ> but this specific bug is not one of them as far as I can tell.

    Russ> I don't want to force anyone into communicating when they
    Russ> don't want to (general rule 2.1.1), but then I think they need
    Russ> to welcome NMUs or a co-maintainer who can deal with the
    Russ> things they don't want to have to think about or *something*.
    Russ> This kind of silent treatment is really demoralizing to other
    Russ> people in the project who are not at fault for any of the
    Russ> historical init system hostility.

I'd like to second Russ's analysis here.  I was DPL during a chunk of
the relevant time, and was not able to get communication happening even
when relevant parties (Mark in particular) were being constructive.

I totally understand being burned out on the issue of init systems.
I totally understand being a maintainer who doesn't want to deal with
I think the solution Russ proposes is right in that situation: find
someone you trust to NMU or act as a co-maintainer to move things

I think it is entirely reasonable for the TC to consider factors like
whether a maintainer is  willing to do that.

Yeah, it sucks when we override a maintainer.
Yes, that's demotivating.

So is creating a situation where people who are being constructive
cannot even engage.
It's one thing to engage with a maintainer and have them consider your
arguments and disagree.
It's another thing entirely when people are trying to work
constructively within the spirit of a GR that we as a community passed
and cannot even get their contributions considered.

That drives people away and  discourages Debian from growing.
I don't think we want that culture.

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