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Re: Bug#975075: tech-ctte: Should maintainers be able to block init compatibility changes?

lorenzo <plorenzo@disroot.org> writes:

> Hi all,
>> My suggestion for a mutually bearable solution would be that the
>> network-manager package could have its dependency on libpam-systemd
>> changed to instead be something like:
>>  libpam-systemd | network-manager-nonsystemd
> Please consider that apt has issues with or group depends/recommends:
> Unless the first option listed is a virtual (nonexistent) package, it
> will force an init switch on install.
> For an example (with Recommends), see #953875 #47 and below

Good point.

I was mostly interested in seeing if there might be a package split that
would provide a division of responsibility where those that want the
work done get to do it without burdoning others with a lot of effort.

The details of the dependencies surrounding those packages would of
course be important if it were eventually decided to really implement
that solution -- if it is impossible to implement with apt, then that
certainly is a problem with this approach.

Are Simon's suggested dependencies are better in this regard?

(I was rather hoping that this would end up being the sort of detail
that would get agreed between the maintainers of the packages involved,
madly optimistic fool that I am ;-) )

Cheers, Phil.
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