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Re: Proposal: Make it Easier to Refine TC Process

On 2020/08/10 17:53, David Bremner wrote:
> For what it's worth, I'm not keen on further centralization of powers in
> the DPL. I understand that others (e.g. Sam) might see this a reasonable
> tradeoff for the ability to more easily update the role and powers of
> the TC, but I think it creates a worse problem than it fixes. For the
> avoidance of doubt, this is not intended as a comment on the conduct or
> judgement of any current or previous DPL.

For what it's worth, the current DPL supports your view.

In the short time I've been DPL, I've learned how much load there is on
the DPL on incoming stuff, and it has a tendency to make one more
reactive rather than proactive. It seems like most DPLs in recent years
got stuck in that loop of being reactive and just dealing with the
incoming rather than actively steering the project. With that in mind, I
would be happy to support any proposal that reduces load on the DPL.

In some cases though it is preferable to have one person decide on
something, especially in cases where you would seek a quick, reliable reply.

And again, thanks to all of you for working on the ctte reform, it's
much appreciated!


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