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Re: Proposal: Make it Easier to Refine TC Process

Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> writes:

> In particular I propose:
> 1) Constitution 8.1(2) lists powers that delegates may have but the DPL
> clearly does not have themselves.  I propose to add most TC powers to
> that list:
>   * Set technical policy
>   * Make decisions where there is overlapping responsibility [1]
>   * Override a maintainer's decision
>   * Choose who maintains a package

For what it's worth, I'm not keen on further centralization of powers in
the DPL. I understand that others (e.g. Sam) might see this a reasonable
tradeoff for the ability to more easily update the role and powers of
the TC, but I think it creates a worse problem than it fixes. For the
avoidance of doubt, this is not intended as a comment on the conduct or
judgement of any current or previous DPL.

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