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Re: That merged-usr is mandatory is RC

(sending this because I got the release team address wrong)

Ian Jackson writes ("That merged-usr is mandatory is RC"):
> Control: severity -1 serious
> In #923091, Guillem (with dpkg maintainer hat on) asks for a
> base-installer option to allow installing buster without merged-usr.
> Guillem filed the bug as `wishlist' but given the controversy it seems
> to me that it should be RC if for no other reasons than social
> cohesion.
> CCing the TC FYI (they have already been involved in merged-usr
> debates via #914897) and the release team, in case they have an
> opinion.  FAOD I am not a maintainer of base-files but AFAICT the
> base-files maintainer has not expressed an opinion about severity.

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