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Re: tech-ctte BTS usercategories

On Sun, 18 Mar 2018, Niko Tyni wrote:
> the tech-ctte BTS usercategories came up recently, and nobody
> seems to know how they are supposed to be used anymore :)

Currently for the tech-ctte@packages.debian.org user, it's set to
this, with cttestate being the default usercategory.

user tech-ctte@packages.debian.org
usercategory cttestate [hidden]
 * CTTE State
   + Seeking Consensus [0:tag=consensus-seeking]
   + Discussion [1:tag=discussion]
   + Drafting [2:tag=drafting]
   + Voting [3:tag=voting]
   + Published [5:tag=published]
   + Complete [6:pending=done+tag=published]
   + No Decision Decision [7:pending=done]
   + Unknown State [4:]


> This is pretty much all the documentation we have. If you happen to
> have any pointers to past discussion or similar, they would be
> appreciated. Given the numbers above I assume it was more an
> experiment rather than a full agreed-on process, and never really
> caught on?

It was just something that I was using to track the issues as chair and
to organize them so other people could see what the CTTE was working on
at a glance. Feel free to adjust or not use as makes sense.

> On the BTS technical side, I tried to find a way to request the
> current usercategory settings but failed. It seems the request server
> can only be used to modify them but not list the current ones. Is that
> correct?

That's correct.

> In that case a wishlist bug seems in order...

Yeah, that's #415935; needs to get fixed, but it's a bit complicated,
because the on-disk format is significantly different from what you
e-mail control@.

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