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tech-ctte BTS usercategories

Hi Don,

the tech-ctte BTS usercategories came up recently, and nobody
seems to know how they are supposed to be used anymore :)

I found this from the the 20141218 meeting log:

 18:39:49 <dondelelcaro> so you can now usertag things "consensus-seeking, discussion, drafting, published" with the tech-ctte@packages.debian.org user, and have it migrate from one state to the other

I also see these categories on the BTS web interface:

    CTTE State
        4 Seeking Consensus
        4 Discussion
        3 Unknown State
        3 Published
        92 No Decision Decision

which mostly but not quite map to the above.

This is pretty much all the documentation we have. If you happen to have
any pointers to past discussion or similar, they would be appreciated.
Given the numbers above I assume it was more an experiment rather than
a full agreed-on process, and never really caught on?

On the BTS technical side, I tried to find a way to request the current
usercategory settings but failed. It seems the request server can only
be used to modify them but not list the current ones. Is that correct?
In that case a wishlist bug seems in order...

Thanks for any insight you might have,

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