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Bug#877024: Modemmanager probing of unknown Devices

Le lundi, 30 octobre 2017, 14.06:01 h CET Ian Jackson a écrit :
> I can see why the TC might want to avoid making a final ruling without
> proper input from the maintainers.

> But, should I upload to experimental, and later, to sid, as I have
> proposed ?  It's not quite clear whose permission I need.  To some
> people I have already overstepped the mark[1].
> [1] Apparently referring the matter to the TC a mere 5 years after
> the maintainers rejected changing the behaviour is too hasty.  I
> accept of course that the way I recently brought my renewed awareness
> of this problem to the attention of the maintainers wasn't ideal.

My personal take is that waiting only two days between saying "I'm likely to 
escalate to the TC" and doing so [2,3] is quite pushy "against" the 
maintainers who haven't had a reasonable chance to react, especially after two 
years inactivity on a 5 year-old bug.

[2] https://bugs.debian.org/683839#77
[3] https://bugs.debian.org/877024#5

> The dev ref says "Have you geared the NMU towards helping the
> maintainer?" and it all seems rather awkward to me to claim I am
> "helping the maintainer" when AFAICT the maintainers are quite
> unenthusiastic about these proposals.

Claiming that they are unenthusiastic is far-reaching IMHO. We just don't know 
what they think of the change, really. I wouldn't necessarily interpret the 
removal from the maintainers' field as a statement of opinion on these 
proposed changes, but much more about who the process went, and was handled by 
the TC too.

Le lundi, 30 octobre 2017, 13.45:00 h CET Sam Hartman a écrit :
> Wou/ld it be reasonable for him to make an NMU to experimental, and then
> if there is no objection after testing to unstable?
> In parallel, it seems desirable to see if any of the maintainers are
> active.

The latter looks like a prerequisite to me, frankly. It seems to me from 
reading the bug log again that a solution is being worked out by upstream; and 
that this solution seems fine to the people who have intervened in this very 
bug. So it looks like the solution is ahead, "just" not yet in a Debian 
package. That bug exists in Debian for 5+ years, so I really don't see the 
urgency for an NMU, and would much rather let the current maintainers include 
the upstream version which includes the fix (and configure it appropriately) 
when they see fit.


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