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Bug#846002: blends-tasks must be priority:standard and not make a mess out of tasksel menu

Hi, first, you've made the point that you were hoping the TC would help
the blends team and the d-i team work together.
I think that Phil's suggestions for a technical approach are quite good,
and I hope that will move forward in the buster cycle.

With regard to stretch, I honestly don't think there is anything that we
can do that we believe that we should do.
Some of us think Cyril might  being overly conservative in his initial
decision.  I suspect though that we almost all believe that now is way
too late.
Also, I think all the TC members believe that Cyril is the one who
ultimately should have made the is it too late decision for stretch.
I don't think there's more information he could have been given that
would have helped with that.

"You'll get what you want, but not in the time line you want," is a
frustrating outcome.
However, it is the kind of compromise that is often right in this

>>>>> "Ole" == Ole Streicher <olebole@debian.org> writes:

    Ole> Yea, I should improve my reading skills for english. This is my
    Ole> misunderstanding. However, if this refers to the number of
    Ole> votes within TC (right?), counting that would have been part of
    Ole> the decision.

The TC has to vote in order to override someone or to use its
constitutional powers.  The TC doesn't need to "vote" in order to decide
to support an existing decision; we can do this by consensus.

We didn't need to hold a vote for me to read the discussion and have
high personal confidence that there would be insufficient votes to
support your position.  marga proposed closing the bug--deciding by
consensus.  No one on the TC .objected to doing that.  That's a fairly
good sign in our processes it is the right decision.  She ended up
deciding to call for a vote.  Based on the results of that vote it seems
fairly clear it would have been reasonable to close the vote by
consensus as well.

Votes are kind of a crappy way to  make such decisions.

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