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Bug#846002: blends-tasks must be priority:standard and not make a mess out of tasksel menu

Since I've been asked in an IRC query whether I might be willing to
consider this suggestion:

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> (2017-02-03):
> I think this is in part a symptom of mixing up multiple questions in
> one request.
> There seems to be a consensus that the priority change was misguided,
> and that's the thing that is primarily being decided here.
> If I had had more time in the last month, I'd have put some work into
> producing and testing a patch to tasksel to get the blends back in
> without the priority changes.  Sadly I've not had that time, and I
> suspect that we're too late for such things now.
> Personally I think that Cyril's patch to strip out the blends-tasks
> tasks was also a mistake -- hopefully we can now revert both the
> priority change, and that reaction to it.
> I do have time now, so perhaps while we're reverting those changes
> Cyril will be open to persuasion that we could also patch the blends
> back in, and make the menu clearer overall using my early suggestion
> of prefixing the title lines with ===

Sure! Feel free to prepare improvements to be reviewed, merged, and
tested at the beginning of the buster release cycle.

> but I'm certainly not willing to try and force that decision on him
> with my TC stick.

Thank you.


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