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Bug#846002: Debian Installer Stretch RC 1 release

Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org> writes:

>> Since this is still an open discussion in #846002, I would have
>> preferred if you would not try to force your own preference here before
>> the CTTE made its decision.
> While I'm not sure whether its a personal preference or whether some
> discussion I might have missed has lead to this result but I'm similar
> astonished as Ole about this result without a final decision of the

If I can offer an view from the outside of this discussion:

To me it looks like a sandbox fight which started with the creative use
of "Priority: important". Now it appears that the party starting the
fight thinks the other party should stop throwing sand until "mommy"
(aka CTTE) decides who is right and who is wrong.

I have of course probably gotten all this wrong.  But that doesn't
really matter.  The above describes how *I* subjectively perceive the
situation.  That is not a subject for discussion.

My personal advice, since I'm out here providing opionions nobody asked
for anyway, would be to start co-operating with the tasksel/installer
developers instead of waiting for a CTTE decision.  That's not going to
solve your issues anyway.

Because, as has been pointed out by several people already: This whole
mess was pointless from the start. No new Debian user will ever
understand the meaning of the task menu.  And no experienced Debian user
will use it.  Adding anything there is futile.  You need to get into a
dialogue with the installer developers so that you can find a way to
properly integrate blends.  And possibly remove tasks.

This is of course way too late for Stretch.  Live with it. Or continue
wasting everybodys time on pointless discussions and be too late for the
next release as well....


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