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Bug#846002: Debian Installer Stretch RC 1 release

On 15.01.2017 05:21, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> The Debian Installer team[1] is pleased to announce the first release
> candidate of the installer for Debian 9 "Stretch".
> Important changes in this release of the installer
> ==================================================
>  * [...]
>  * As noted in the Stretch Alpha 6 release announcement, Debian Pure
>    Blends appeared in the Software selection screen. Unfortunately,
>    concerns voiced back then weren't worked on until after the freeze
>    started, and a freeze isn't the time where critical screens should
>    be revamped. Support was disabled accordingly.

Since this is still an open discussion in #846002, I would have
preferred if you would not try to force your own preference here before
the CTTE made its decision. IMO your solution is not in any way
cooperative and tries to make the CTTE decision useless.

I therefore would ask the CTTE to make a final decision about the
inclusion of the blends selection in the Stretch installer. In principle
these are *two* decisions:

1. Appearance of the blends in the installer:

Please decide, whether

 * the blends shall be shown in their current (alpha-8) form

 * The installer is extended to show the desktop and the blends only
   optionally (as propagated by Phil, and opposed by Cyril)

 * the blends should not appear in the Stretch installer at all.

2. Maintenance of the blends tasks appearing in the installer:

 * in a separate package maintained by the blends team

 * integrated into tasksel and maintained by d-i

 * be removed completely from the installation process

Best regards


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