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Bug#850887: TC Involvement: MIPS and binutils

On miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017 10:35:37 ART Sam Hartman wrote:
> that was to doko not you.

Usual me I'm afraid. I suscribed to the bug and forgot to see the To field.

> I'd be happy to chat, but you've articulated your position fairly well.
> If there's stuff not in the bug you'd like me to know about I'd be happy
> to set things up, but from the bug logs, your position seems fairly
> simple.
> Let's see if my summary is accurate:
> * This bug is creating a number of ftbfses, particularly for
>   larger//more complex libraries on mips.
> * You have a preferred minimal work-around you tried to upload
> * Doko requested you not upload something until it was patched upstream.
> * You want a solution sooner than that.
> Is that approximately correct?

Almost, and at least it's good that this happened. I don't have any 
preferences between both proposed workarounds/patches, I simply took the 
easiest one and added code to limit it to mips*. As long as we fix this I have 
no real position on how we do it.

Thanks for your work!


Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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