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Bug#850887: TC Involvement: MIPS and binutils

>>>>> "Lisandro" == Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer <perezmeyer@gmail.com> writes:

    Lisandro> On miércoles, 11 de enero de 2017 09:39:25 ART Sam Hartman wrote:
    >> Hi.
    >> As you are probably aware, the question of what to do about
    >> linking on mips and stretch has been referred to the TC.  There's
    >> a reasonable probability that we're going to want to move very
    >> quickly on this issue, and I wanted to reach out to you and see
    >> how we could best work with you to collect your input.
    >> I'd be happy to set up an IRC discussion, to set up a phone call,
    >> etc.  I think that might work better than an email discussion,
    >> because the email discussion might involve a number of round
    >> trips.  I'd be happy to work one-on-one and summarize
    >> results/provide logs back to the entire TC, or to set up
    >> something open to as many people as we can.  Also if there's a TC
    >> member you'd rather work with than me, I'm sure we'd be happy to
    >> facilitate this.
    >> I'm hoping that you will be able to quickly work with us to
    >> understand this issue and your position.

    Lisandro> Hi Sam! I think an IRC discussion will be the best choice
    Lisandro> here as my phone lines are really not reliable at all :-(

    Lisandro> I'll be online from 17:30 UTC onwards, nick lisandro on
    Lisandro> freenode.

that was to doko not you.
I'd be happy to chat, but you've articulated your position fairly well.
If there's stuff not in the bug you'd like me to know about I'd be happy
to set things up, but from the bug logs, your position seems fairly
Let's see if my summary is accurate:

* This bug is creating a number of ftbfses, particularly for
  larger//more complex libraries on mips.

* You have a preferred minimal work-around you tried to upload

* Doko requested you not upload something until it was patched upstream.

* You want a solution sooner than that.

Is that approximately correct?

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