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Bug#830344: Project Roadmap question - Call for votes

>>>>> "Sam" == Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> writes:

    >> 1) The TC volunteers to be the Roadmap team 2) The TC volunteers
    >> to be part of the regular workflow of the Roadmap team, as an
    >> advisory body.  3) The TC shouldn't be part of the regular
    >> workflow of the Roadmap team.  We will always be available for
    >> escalations, as usual.  4) Further Discussion.

    >> Additionally, I'd like to ask each TC member to state if they
    >> would like to be part of the initial group for the Roadmap team
    >> if option 1 doesn't win.

    Sam> I vote 2>1=4>3

    Sam> I'm happy to be part of a discussion of what the roadmap
    Sam> process is , but I don't understand it well enough to know
    Sam> whether I'd be a good member of the initial team.

In the interest of closing this vote, and in acknowledgement that we
seem to continue to have an energy problem, I change my vote to 3>2>1=4
if and only if that change makes the vote no longer in doubt.

Now you can all fight about whether I can do that:-)

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