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Bug#830344: Project Roadmap question - Call for votes

I'm a bit saddened by the lack of traction on this topic.
We are holding other people's work back by our lack of involvement.

Therefore, I now call for a vote with the following options:

1) The TC volunteers to be the Roadmap team
2) The TC volunteers to be part of the regular workflow of the
    Roadmap team, as an advisory body.
3) The TC shouldn't be part of the regular workflow of the Roadmap team.
    We will always be available for escalations, as usual.
4) Further Discussion.

Additionally, I'd like to ask each TC member to state if they would like
to be part of the initial group for the Roadmap team if option 1 doesn't win.

This is my vote:
3 > 2 > 1 > 4

And I'd volunteer to be part of the initial Roadmap team.

My rationale for voting like this is that I feel that there's too much latency
right now, which means that we being the Roadmap team would likely mean
too little energy put into it, or if we have and advisory role as part of the
regular workflow, it might mean bottlenecking things that are pretty clear.
Instead, conflicts should be escalated as usual, and for the rest the

Roadmap team should be free to do as they see fit.


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