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Bug#797533: New CTTE members

>>>>> "Josh" == Josh Triplett <josh@joshtriplett.org> writes:

    Josh> Assuming that the "often results in FD" holds true, and that
    Josh> this doesn't encourage snap judgements, this seems like a very
    Josh> good idea to me.

I think that except in very special circumstances coming to any decision
other than FD
would be really problematic.
It's almost certain that two hours after an issue is received someone's
going to feel (and probably be) unheard if a decision is made.
Even if it's the right decision, the social costs of making it and not
giving people a chance to explain their position are likely to be really

At that point, I'd see it more like overrule maintainer pending longer

    Josh> (That said, I would suggest in particular that the ctte
    Josh> exercise extreme caution if the bug log does not show evidence
    Josh> of a maintainer response that demonstrates an irreconcilable
    Josh> situation.  The ctte should still be a *last* resort.)

I disagree here too.
Making TC binding decisions should remain a last resort.
I think we could do a much better job getting involved somewhat earlier
in some cases.
As an example, I think that involving the TC in the cross-tool-chain
mess *earlier* would have been a great idea, but involving us asking to
help the issue/enhance communication.
I think one tc member described this issue as being involved both too
early and too late at the same time, and I tend to agree.

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