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Bug#797533: New CTTE members

Anthony Towns wrote:
> Having an immediate vote (that often results in FD) everytime a new ctte
> bug gets filed seems like a plausible approach to ensure people get a
> quick initial response from the ctte though? eg:
>   Bug#776708 arrived two hours ago. Let's vote!
>   Resolution: overrule gcc maintainer for cross-gcc-support
>    Options:
>     - Overrule maintainer (3:1 majority)
>     - Leave as is -- decline submitter's request
>     - Further discussion
>   Votes:
>     Alice: Overrule > FD > Leave as-is
>     Bob:   FD > Leave as-is > Overrule
>     Carol: FD > Leave as-is > Overrule
>     Dave:  Leave as-is > FD > Overrule
>     Emma:  FD > Overrule > Leave as-is
>   Outcome beyond doubt 24h later: FD > * (4:1)
> would not make a decision or require too much immediate thought on behalf
> of the ctte members -- heck even the bug log wouldn't have been very long
> at that point -- but it would probably give the submitter and maintainer
> a good feel for where they stand ("Oh, it's not obvious to everyone sane
> that I'm write and they're wrong? Huh.").

Assuming that the "often results in FD" holds true, and that this doesn't
encourage snap judgements, this seems like a very good idea to me.

(That said, I would suggest in particular that the ctte exercise extreme
caution if the bug log does not show evidence of a maintainer response
that demonstrates an irreconcilable situation.  The ctte should still be
a *last* resort.)

- Josh Triplett

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