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TC delays (was: Bug#741573: Menu Policy and Consensus)

(Dropping the bug, this doesn't relate to it)

Le vendredi, 28 août 2015, 14.38:50 Nikolaus Rath a écrit :
> What I mean is that for more than one year, any vote on this bug was
> prevented by the TC waiting for any one of its members to catch up on
> the discussion, articulate his concerns, write down a counter-proposal
> or refine their own proposal.

To some extent, I do agree that the TC has an unfortunate habit of 
letting discussions stall for too long. I think this has had multiple 

- some members not allocating enough bandwidth;
- no TC consensus on the direction to choose to get to conclusion;
- issues not having a "mentor" within the committee;

I'd like us to try pursuing the latter idea: for each topic submitted to 
us, we'd put one of us in charge of "making sure the issue keeps 
moving": reformulating, pinging, leading, etc.

Let's discuss this at our next IRC meeting.


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