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Re: Bug#741573: Comparison of Options AB and D

On Aug 30 2015, Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> wrote:
> if you actually want the TC to only
> choose with no comment from the options before it; if you want us not to
> raise objections and actually set policy as we are charged with in the
> constitution, 

There is an (important) difference between "set policy" and "create
policy". I object to the latter, not the former.

I am not sure what you mean with "raising objections". Do you mean this
as some sort of formal task? I don't think this is anything that the
constitution charges the ctte with. Or do mean that you just want to
share your personal objections to something as a ctte member? I
certainly don't object to that.

Though, in any case, I think that:

> then you will find absolutely no one willing to serve on
> the TC.

is a rather strong statement. It's easily disproven by finding someone,
and I'm pretty sure that you haven't asked everyone. As a matter of
fact, judging from the different kinds and levels of (publicly visible)
activity of the sitting ctte members, I would expect that at least some
of them would be willing to continue to serve in a ctte that uses its
powers a little less creatively[1].

(Replying to ctte list only, this isn't relevant to the bug at hand


[1] No negative connotation implied. I mean "creative" in the sense of
    not just picking between the presented options.

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