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Bug#741573: Comparison of Options AB and D

>>>>> "Nikolaus" == Nikolaus Rath <Nikolaus@rath.org> writes:

    Nikolaus> A. This comes very close to design work which the CTTE
    Nikolaus> should not be doing. If there's a conflict between two
    Nikolaus> crappy designs and the CTTE is asked to rule, then you
    Nikolaus> should pick the less crappy one or decline to rule, not
    Nikolaus> create an entirely new design.

I agree that we should not pick an entirely new design.
Here though, option D  does not pick an entirely new design.
It explains what (if we approve option D) is our objection to option
A/B, explains the small fix and rules on that basis.

If that's too close to design work; if you actually want the TC to only
choose with no comment from the options before it; if you want us not to
raise objections and actually set policy as we are charged with in the
constitution, then you will find absolutely no one willing to serve on
the TC.
    Nikolaus> D. Even if you were supposed to do design work, were asked
    Nikolaus> to do so in this case, and I forget someone who benefits
    Nikolaus> from this forced transition, was it really worth delaying
    Nikolaus> a decision for more than a year and a release cycle? It's
    Nikolaus> not that overruling Bill a year ago would somehow made a
    Nikolaus> forced transition later on impossible.

Fuck no!  There's no sanity in the length this process has taken within
the TC.
Things are not working here; we have some real problems, and we are not
responsive at least in my opinion.
On that at least we can agree.

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