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Bug#741573: #741573: Menu Policy and Consensus

On Aug 28 2015, Ian Jackson <ijackson@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
[ things about the menu system ]

This really has become a farce. This issue been open for more than a
year. Sam rephrased the entire issue earlier this year in terms of
consensus and has just finished his analysis. And now it seems the
discussion is restarting again from the point where it started last

It seems to me that the TC members have become very hesitant to call for
a vote until there is internal conesus. I think this is a laudable goal
when it can be achieved. But in this case this doesn't seem possible, so
it just results in endless discussion.  Please just vote. Almost any
outcome (and certainly all the potential vote options that have been
proposed) are better than discussing something for more than a year.


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