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Bug#741573: Proposed draft of ballot to resolve menu/desktop question

Le vendredi, 28 août 2015, 13.51:52 Ian Jackson a écrit :
> Didier 'OdyX' Raboud writes:
> > Keith's proposal doesn't imply that the trad menu would "be
> > destroyed" (your words),
> It does.  There is nothing in Keith's proposal which preserves the
> existing trad menu metadata. According to `apt-file search' that is a
> database of 2296 menu entries (in wheezy).

Sorry, but this is just _wrong_, and I can't let you continue arguing 
that way. All the proposals on the table leave room for the trad-menu to 
exist, only that the packages are not required to provide menu entries 
themselves anymore.

I think apparmor is a fine example: the maintainers of apparmor do 
maintain the apparmor-profiles package which collects apparmor profiles 
for packages that don't ship them (or that ship outdated or broken 
ones). This gives them an easy way to have an overview of the profiles, 
update the outdated ones centrally, etc. Both the apparmor profiles in 
the packages and those in the apparmor-profiles package coexist.

The "trad-menu" database will be preserved iff there is enough manpower 
to make this happen: either through an automated desktop-to-menu 
translation interface, or through a centralisation of that database.

The crux of the issue is IMHO whether it makes sense to continue to put 
the burden to maintain this database (with a by-policy larger coverage, 
but also technically overcome [icons, translation], etc) on all 
packagers through our technical policy. Multiple major desktop 
environments simply _ignore_ this database (for a long time), and they 
provide the base for a certain majority of our users that make use of 
either the trad-menu or the XDG-menu.

Continuing to claim that either fellow developers or to the TC as body 
wants the destruction of the 'trad-menu' is IMHO a mis-caracterisation 
of these opinions, and feels like a way to twist arms.

Claiming that multiple developers (both during the Policy discussion as 
well as here) want to get rid of the "should" obligation imposed on all 
application package maintainers to provide "trad-menu" entries seems way 
more correct to me.


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