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Bug#636783: #636783 - New bugs for individual issues

Dear fellow TC members,

In the mood of tackling more of our old TC issues, I went ahead and 
reviewed all threads in the bugreport. I've then opened new independent 
bugs for all relevant issues, and commented the others below. For all 
problems for which I haven't opened a bug, I would strongly suggest to 
whomever would like to dicuss it to open a new bug as well.

Here you go:

- #636783
  proposed constitution fix for super-majority within the tech ctte

- #795854
  Fix duplicate numbering (A1)

- #795855
  Introduction of formal cloture vote for the TC

- #795857
  TC chair appointment

- #795859
  Permit TC to hold informal private conversations

= Other problems mentioned

- Advice to the TC on overruling maintainers
  This idea was introduced, then droppped by Ian, and I don't see anyone
  driving this.

- Possibly increasing the maximum size of the committee
  This was discussed in the TC term-limiting GR, and I think we should
  consider this closed.

- TC casting vote
  Ian proposed to defer the TC chairman casting vote to the DPL, but
  this didn't gather much support (if at all). I don't see anyone
  driving this.


P.S. I must say that trying to untangle the 8 issues discussed in this 
bug's threads has been a very painful process, and this was caused by 
various people adding more and more "constitution problems to be fixed" 
in the very same bug thread. Please open new bug reports when there's a 
new problem to fix; bug clones are cheap!

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