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Bug#795855: Introduction of a formal cloture vote procedure for the TC

Package: tech-ctte
Severity: normal

Hi all,

here's my understanding of the state of our "Introduction of a formal 
cloture vote procedure for the TC" discussion.

In June 2014, in answer to a proposal from Ian to introduce a minimum 
discussion period in the TC, Steve, referring to a previous TC IRC 
discussoin, proposed in <20140628005011.GA8684@virgil.dodds.net> to 
introduce a formal cloture vote procedure for the TC, with the following 

Le vendredi, 27 juin 2014, 17.50:11 Steve Langasek a écrit :
>  - Any member of the TC may call for a cloture vote on a proposed
>    ballot at any time.
>  - Quorum for a cloture vote is 1/2 + 1 members.
>  - A cloture vote must receive 2/3 majority in favor in order to pass.
>  - Voting period for cloture is 48 hours, or until the outcome is no
>    longer in doubt.
>  - Ballot options proposed during the cloture vote shall be included
>    on the ballot.
>  - If a cloture vote fails, any TC member who voted in favor of
>    cloture may not repeat the call for a period of one week following
>    the first call. Other members of the TC may call for cloture during
>    this time.
>  - If a cloture vote fails, any ballot options that are subsequently
>    proposed and not withdrawn shall be included on the ballot for the 
>    issue.
>  - If, two weeks after the original call for cloture, there have been
>    no further ballot options proposed, voting proceeds on the original
>    ballot.
> Features:
>  - If there is procedural consensus, we can act as quickly as we need
>    to.
>  - If someone tries to CFV too early, whether because of an error
>    in judgement or because they're trying to cut off debate, a
>    "cooldown" period applies, ensuring that a failed cloture vote
>    actually leaves room for further discussion
>  - However, as soon as any one person who has voted against cloture is
>    satisfied with a revised ballot, they can call for cloture again
>    and the vote can move forward
>  - A CFV can largely not be used to prevent a minority viewpoint being
>    represented on the ballot, since additional ballot options can be
>    submitted during the cloture vote and are guaranteed to be
>    included.
>  - Voting down cloture cannot be used to prevent a question from
>    coming to a vote; anyone opposed to cloture must still put in the
>    effort to come up with alternative ballot options or the vote will
>    still happen.
> Misfeatures:
>  - A member of the TC can ensure "irrelevant" ballot options are
>    included on the ballot, possibly spoiling the vote.  I don't think
>    this is a real issue.  But then, I also fundamentally disagree with
>    Bdale's characterization of the init system ballot proposals as
>    "conflation"; so I consider this the lesser evil compared with the
>    status quo, and think it should not be possible for any member of
>    the TC to ever do again what Bdale did in that case.

This proposal was answered by Anthony in <CAJS_LCXtwOTZxPefbUjXh_x8-
Sq0Oafy571LgG4YZ0XjzZo+Fw@mail.gmail.com> with the following alternative 

Le dimanche, 29 juin 2014, 20.35:56 Anthony Towns a écrit :
>  - Any member of the TC may call for votes on a ballot at any time.
>  - When calling for votes, the TC member may propose any combination
>    of resolutions they believe is appropriate to be considered on the
>    ballot, provided they fall under the ctte's constitutional powers.
>  - When voting on the ballot, TC members may rank the proposed options
>    from 1 to n in the normal manner for Debian ballots.
>  - An additional "Cloture" option will be automatically added to the
>    ballot.
>  - The Cloture option may only be marked "Y" to approve cloture, or
>    "N" to deny cloture.
>  - The Cloture option is the default option for the SRP. A "Y" vote
>    for cloture is treated as ranking the default option below all
>    others (including unranked options). A "N" vote is treated as
>    ranking the default option above all others.
>  - In the event that cloture fails (ie, the default option wins the
>    SRP), the TC members should discuss the reasons for the failure and
>    produce a new ballot that is able to pass cloture.
> (SRP=Standard Resolution Procedure)

The discussion stalled there, let's use this very bug to discuss this 

Cheers, OdyX

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