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Bug #741573:Process Approach vs Others


During the conversation of #741573 last meeting, and while reading the
log, I felt really frustrated and disappointed.  I would like to be
heard and understood, and when I read what Bdale and Don are saying, I
don't think that they are connecting with some issues that are really
important to me.  I respect and understand that we may disagree, but
hope that we can take the time to understand each other and that we can
respect each other enough to understand the issues that are important to
all of us, even when there's disagreement.

I hear Bdale's frustration when he talks about how long this has been
going on, and the concerns he raised about  having to dig through the
entire history.

For me, honoring the work of the debian-policy team is important.  Being
able to help projects follow their processes is important.

For me, the way we approach coming to our decision is really important
in doing that.  I could be happy with the decision and very disappointed
when I think about a process.

So, when I hear Bdale and Don focusing on the decision, focusing on the
set of possible decisions, I'm frustrated because my concern about what
process we use doesn't seem to be heard.  I'd be a lot happier if I
heard for example Don saying that he'd thought about my process and that
he personally favored the  process of each TC member making the best
technical decision they could.  We'd disagree with that fairly strongly,
but at least I'd feel that he'd considered my input.

Right now, it's like I'm saying "Here's a procedure that will help me
get the information I need to decide," and Don is saying "I propose
these ballot options. for the final decision."
Perhaps Don needs less information to decide.  Perhaps Don doesn't like
my approach.
However, I don't know what decision I'll favor.

Yes, technically for me it will probably either be to favor approving
the  original amendment or sending the policy team a set of blocking
objections to that amendment.
However, for me, I'm not at all ready to talk about decisions.
Perhaps I'm in the rough and everyone else is ready to decide this.
I'd like us to figure that out in a way where I feel heard.

I understand that I may not be hearing some of the concerns that Don and
bdale are raising.  I'd like to do that.  I'd appreciate your help in
that effort just as I try to help you hear me.



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