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Bug#769972: Read before Voting: Note from hartmans about new member ballots

Sam Hartman <hartmans@debian.org> writes:

> My
> hope is that you'll read the note and think we would make a good fit and
> we can all work together to create the best TC we can.  However, if
> after reading that note TC members decide I'm not the best fit (or
> decide they'd like to discuss further with me), then I'll be happy as
> well.  I think it more important that we be honest and open than that
> any one person get selected.

I was really happy about the content of your message and agree with what
you write about creating a TC that helps (by mediation and advice) more
than it hurts (by overriding).

> Thanks for your consideration, and I'm sorry if there was a better way
> to handle this.

The TC membership is going to change radically over the next year; we
really need the strongest possible candidates we can find within the
project to help shape the future of this committee, and I think we're
all hoping that we can shift to a more affirming and positive role
within the Debian project.

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