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Bug#769972: Read before Voting: Note from hartmans about new member ballots

>>>>> "Don" == Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> writes:

    Don> ===BEGIN

    Don> The Technical Committee recommends that Sam Hartman (hartmans)
    Don> be appointed by the Debian Project Leader to the Technical
    Don> Committee.

    Don> A: Recommend to Appoint Sam Hartman (hartmans) B: Further
    Don> Discussion

    Don> ===END

Hi folks.  First, I am honored that you would consider me as a potential
member of the TC.  I am filled with joy at serving with the five
remaining members of the TC: Don, Steve, Bdale, and Keith are some of
the people I most respect in the project.I don't know Andreas as well
but would be delighted to get to know him better and work together.

However, since I put in my application a few months ago, I've become
aware of some issues that cause me to question whether my thoughts about
the TC are compatible enough with the existing members that I'd be a
good fit for the kind of TC you're trying to create.

I regret bringing this up at such a late point, although I couldn't come
up with any better options.  I didn't want to just have a discussion
with Bdale and the DPL.  I didn't feel comfortable engaging the TC as a
whole when it wasn't even public that I'd put in my name.

Unfortunately I'm just about to run out of the office.  I will send out
a note later today after I return outlining the thoughts I have.  My
hope is that you'll read the note and think we would make a good fit and
we can all work together to create the best TC we can.  However, if
after reading that note TC members decide I'm not the best fit (or
decide they'd like to discuss further with me), then I'll be happy as
well.  I think it more important that we be honest and open than that
any one person get selected.

Thanks for your consideration, and I'm sorry if there was a better way
to handle this.

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