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Bug#762194: Summary:Re: Bug#762194: Proposal for upgrades to jessie

On Fri, 2014-11-28 at 12:56 +0100, Svante Signell wrote:
> Hello,

> In summary:
> a) Upgrades should _not_ change init: whatever is installed should be
> kept.
> b) New installs should get systemd-sysv as default init with a debconf
> message about alternative init systems.
> More detailed:
> 1) Fix debootstrap bugs
> 2) Add a (non-aborting) debconf message referring to release-notes on
> how to install sysvinit-core when installing from scratch.
> 3) Add information in release-notes on how to:
> - Upgrade from stable/testing/sid to jessie to avoid getting
> systemd-sysv installed (this should not strictly be needed if the ctte
> chooses to decide that upgrades will _not_ switch init)
> - Install sysvinit-core after installation and reboot after getting
> systemd-sysv as default.
> 3.1) I'll file a bug against release-notes as written above.

Hopefully the ctte will make a decision on init system for upgrades to
Jessie today!

FYI: Bugs for release-notes on upgrades, #771825, and installation-guide
(and perhaps debian wiki) on new installs (pending), are in the pipe!

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