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Bug#762194: Summary:Re: Bug#762194: Proposal for upgrades to jessie


In the (last) hope that the CTTE will bring this issue on the agenda
next meeting on December 4. Additional information below and a short

On Wed, 2014-11-26 at 09:56 +0100, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Nov 2014, Svante Signell wrote:
> > (another partial? solution is to change order of the (pre-)depends of
> > the init package, as proposed in
> No, that breaks due to the bug in debootstrap’s dependency “resolver”
> (see #557322, #668001, #768062) and the unwillingness of KiBi to fix
> that. That is, it breaks fresh installs.

Note, this (long-time) refusal to make changes to that package has to be
weighted in when the CTTE is discussing this issue: There are very small
patches available before the freeze Wed, 5 Nov 2014 (Sun, 22 Nov 2009
and  Fri, 17 Oct 2014) that has not been addressed by the maintainer:
and reported working

And according to
with preliminary results in
the order of pre-depends for int init package should change from
Pre-Depends: systemd-sysv | sysvinit-core | upstart
Pre-Depends: sysvinit-core | systemd-sysv | upstart

(I hope I made the correct links and conclusions)

> > 1) Heavily advertise (release-notes?) that doing an upgrade from
> > wheezy/etc to jessie will give you systemd as init system and inform
> > about the apt pinning solution.
> That should be a given, a minimum, independent of the others.

I'll file a bug against release notes about the release-notes!

In summary:
a) Upgrades should _not_ change init: whatever is installed should be
b) New installs should get systemd-sysv as default init with a debconf
message about alternative init systems.

More detailed:
1) Fix debootstrap bugs
2) Add a (non-aborting) debconf message referring to release-notes on
how to install sysvinit-core when installing from scratch.
3) Add information in release-notes on how to:
- Upgrade from stable/testing/sid to jessie to avoid getting
systemd-sysv installed (this should not strictly be needed if the ctte
chooses to decide that upgrades will _not_ switch init)
- Install sysvinit-core after installation and reboot after getting
systemd-sysv as default.

3.1) I'll file a bug against release-notes as written above.

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