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Bug#762194: Proposal for upgrades to jessie


Below is a proposal for a (partial) solution for the upgrade problem of
keeping the installed init system:

This has been discussed privately among selected users/DM/DDs and since
the deadline for the ctte is December 4, it has to be known to them (and
-devel for comments).

(another partial? solution is to change order of the (pre-)depends of
the init package, as proposed in
with preliminary results in

1) Heavily advertise (release-notes?) that doing an upgrade from
wheezy/etc to jessie will give you systemd as init system and inform
about the apt pinning solution.

2) In case you missed doing the above, you get a debconf prompt when
installing the init package that if you want to keep sysv/openrc/etc
continue with the installation, get systemd-sysv installed and after
that install sysvinit-core and do the pinning. (This is suboptimal, many
peoples systems could be broken at first reboot, we will find out in due

Another issue is upgrading from testing/sid?/etc (different status) to
3) Heavily advertise (again in release notes?) that you need to install
sysvinit-core and add the pinning file _before_ dist-upgrading.

Note that the only technical in the above is the creation of a debconf
prompt in pre/post-inst of the init package. All the rest is just a
matter of writing.


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