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Bug#746578: libpam-systemd to flip dependencies - proposal

I don't think this matters for the vote, and apologies because there's
probably a better place to send this advice.  I was thinking last night
about the apt and debootstrap resolver issues and  was wondering whether
the following solution might help.

I realize the issue is minor and is more about minimizing packages
installed than safety of the proposal.

What if libpam-systemd depended on

Introduce a new package systemd-shim-nosysv in the systemd-shim package
that depends on systemd-shim and conflicts with systemd-sysv.

I have not tried this.  It might reduce the probability that
systemd-shim gets uselessly installed.  however, I don't know whether it
creates systems where systemd-sysv gets removed.

Even if this does end up being a good idea, I don't think the TC
resolution needs to change.  As I read it, the essential character of
the resolution is that systemd-shim is preferred to systemd-sysv in
libpam-systemd.  If we find better technical ways of doing that, more
power to us all.  If there is a real disagreement about whether we're
within the spirit of the TC resolution should it pass, we can ask the TC
again either informally or formally.  I don't want to see us getting
ultra-picky about the wording of resolutions to constrain or permit
future innovation.

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